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Get It Done

While taking pictures for a real estate agent, I had the opportunity to talk to a wonderful 62 year old woman who is on a quest to run half marathons in all 50 states. So far she has completed runs in 44 of 50 states! When asked how she got started she said "I didn't want to retire and just sit around, so I started walking, then I was able to run and made it a goal to run half marathons". So far that's exactly what she's doing! I asked if she was documenting her journey and she said "not really. I'm just having fun getting it done".

I see on social media every day how we post about what were "gonna" do or what we're working on but many times we don't show end results. We need to focus on finishing what we start. No matter what! Just get it done! Stop looking for that pat on the back for a "like" unless that's your goal. Mine simply is to finish what I start. What's your half marathon? When will you be done? Have you started it yet? Are you stuck in "gonna do" and "stay tuned"?

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